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Aura Blockchain: the privatization of a blockchain is the way forward

Luxury fashion and the Italian textile industry are both relying on blockchain to move them into a new age – who will come out on top? Blockchain as a technology has permeated the fashion industry, among others, showing how technology can be used to help fashion develop across singular platforms. As a way of building trust between brands and consumers, it allows for tracking the supply chain or it provides an opportunity to offer offers and discounts to the customers, among other uses.

Milkywire – How Gen Z are moving charitable giving online

Gen Z are becoming the driving force for change in climate action. Forms like apps are showing an easier way to connect with grassroots climate organizations Changes have affected most sectors with the online boom during the pandemic. Some, like fashion, have resorted to trying out new business models that revolve around digital garments and special collections inviting thinking about the future of a world that is more aware of its impact on the planet.

Arianee, the company at the forefront of digital passports for luxury fashion

The growing problem of factories around the world bypassing auditing or not following ethical production standards: Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel is at the forefront of digital passports Issuing physical certificates of authenticity has been the standard practice for luxury goods, however, these can easily get lost or damaged. Some companies have moved their records online and keep databases of their products along with customer details.

The future of fashion is digital but why do industry leaders consider it a dilution of quality?

«We as a fashion industry need to begin to accept digital as having its own culture, its own savoir-faire and its own appreciation of artisan and digital». In conversation with Matthew Drinkwater, head of The Innovation Agency in London The impact of overproduction has led places like Ghana’s famous Kantamanto market, the largest second-hand market in the world where clothes come in in vacuum packed bales, to refuse donations.

Biomimicry and fashion, a new chapter of a long story – the case of Auroboros

The fashion collective of digital designers, florists and pattern cutters helmed by Paula Sello and Alissa Aulbekova builds up digital garments and structures for in-game avatars and Instagram filters Auroboros is the couture brand from designers Paula Sello and Alissa Aulbekova, who are growing structures onto their garments through physical and digital crystallization. Here they talk about the relationship between technology, science and fashion and the sustainable possibilities of digital.

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