Occasionally I get to write pieces where I can talk about the impact of certain practices in a more informal way. These article topics can range from societal shifts, to what the fashion industry should – and more importantly – should not be doing. 

Here is a selection of these articles from my coverage. 

Fashion Briefing: Against all odds, web3 loyalty programs are flourishing

This week, we take a deep dive into the recent growth of web3 fashion loyalty programs from Lacoste, LVMH and Dior, and the reason brands are separating them from their existing loyalty programs. Scroll down to use Glossy+ Comments, giving the Glossy+ community the opportunity to join discussions around industry topics.

Fashion brands have increasingly launched loyalty programs to increase the engagement and lifetime value of customers. As a result, consumers now have a wide variety of choices

Fashion Briefing: What LVMH’s push into web3 and community building is showing about the luxury space

This week, we take a deep dive into how the luxury conglomerate is approaching web3 through partnerships, community projects and investment. This comes ahead of the first Louis Vuitton show with Pharrell at the helm next week. Scroll down to use Glossy+ Comments, giving the Glossy+ community the opportunity to join discussions around industry topics.

LVMH, the conglomerate behind some of the biggest brands in fashion like Louis Vuitton and Dior, has made significant strides in partnerships this

Luxury Briefing: Experiences for the 1% are hyper-personalized, curated and private

Introducing the Glossy+ Luxury Briefing, our newest member product uncovering the strategies driving the success of global luxury brands. Become a member here. To kick it off, we’re rolling out the State & Future of Luxury Report in five parts over five weeks. Each will focus on a luxury category across fashion and beauty, and will feature insights from a focus group of luxury marketers, founders, investors and analysts. In addition, we’ve worked with Saks to compile exclusive insights from its

Fashion Briefing: The potential impact of Coachtopia, the new sub-brand from Coach

This week, we take a look at Coach sub-brand Coachtopia, including the strategy behind it and what sustainability experts are saying. Scroll down to use Glossy+ Comments, giving the Glossy+ community the opportunity to join discussions around industry topics.

Coach’s new sub-brand, Coachtopia, is focused on products for a Gen-Z audience with circularity embedded from the design stage. It has dedicated TikTok and Instagram accounts, as of April 18, and its debut collection has already sold out t

De-influencing and humor: How Cuyana drove engagement with an April Fool’s campaign

Thirteen-year-old accessories brand Cuyana launched, Made With Air, labeled as “the world’s first true zero-impact collection,” on April 1. Its announcement led to the brand’s social accounts seeing a 130% increase in content interaction and an over 100% increase in accounts engaged, compared to its other campaign activations.

April Fool’s is tricky for brands to navigate. Lowlights include cringe product ideas and forced humor-focused campaigns. This year, Cuyana got in on the holiday, with an

Is zero waste just a new marketing move or a properly transparent practice?

In conversation with Holly McQuillan, who discusses the misconception in the zero waste term and suggests new machinery and business models as alternatives in promoting the system

From sustainability bloggers in 2016 fitting in a year’s worth of waste into a jar to the continuous greenwashing of the fashion industry, zero waste can become another term that gets lost in the sea of sustainability efforts in fashion.

Pause or Pay: Should students be able to pause their studies or get their money back?

“It was very weird. Two days before closing they were saying that nothing is going to happen, just be calm, the show will still happen, you will still have the studios and facilities,” a student explains while they and their classmates at UAL have gone through turmoil during the pandemic – classes were called off and moved online, while students had only days to gather years of work into bags and suitcases before the order to “stay home, stay safe” was put in place.