Holograms, AR technology and RFID tags: The store of the future is taking shape

Retail innovations including clothes with RFID tags, digital mannequins and seamless checkouts are removing the friction in the shopping experience — and exceeding Gen Z’s expectations.

Brands including Uniqlo, Zara and H&M are introducing in-store retail solutions that use these new technologies to facilitate product discovery, customer try-on and a seamless checkout experience.

According to May 2023 insights from a Klara study involving Gen-Z and millennials, 44% of Gen-Zers believe they wil

Farfetch’s Dream Assembly accelerator is evolving

Dream Assembly, the 1-year-old luxury brand accelerator, is moving beyond its core focus of visually appealing digital fashion startups like DressX. Now, the executives leading the program are looking for backend innovators who can facilitate the seamless infrastructure set to fuel the evolving fashion and technology landscape. Owned by Farfetch, the accelerator provides startups with executive training and facilitates connections with investors and mentors.

This comes amid a change in how digi

How the fashion industry will use the Apple Vision Pro headset

The Apple Vision Pro headset, which debuted at the Apple Conference on June 5, is bringing an injection of innovation into the field of wearables. The field had stalled with clunky headsets and glasses from companies like Meta and Snap. But fashion industry experts are hopeful about the new iteration’s possible applications, starting with its initial release in 2024 and into the future.

The headset, a ski goggle contraption going for $3,499, is being positioned as the most immersive approach to

The North Face CMO Sophie Bambuck: Top Marketers 2023

Sophie Bambuck joined The North Face as CMO in September 2022, after a stint as the first CMO of Everlane. Previously, she spent more than 12 years at Nike, most recently as vp of global brand marketing for Nike Sportswear. Although parent company VF Corp has recently seen a small dip in revenue, The North Face is growing, with quarterly revenues up by 7% year-over-year, according to its most recent earnings.

Steering a 200-person global marketing team isn’t easy, but Bambuck has managed to set

Dorsey Founder and CEO Meg Strachan: 2023 Top Marketers

Popular lab-grown diamond jewelry brand Dorsey has focused on influencer and stylist marketing since Meg Strachan launched the brand in 2019. The fashion friends of Strachan bought into the brand almost from the start, but it wasn’t until Justin Bieber’s stylist Karla Welch accessorized the singer in Dorsey that the jewelry took off. Leveraging mostly unpaid marketing, the brand sold a million pieces of jewelry in 2022.

But, starting in 2023, Strachan has pivoted Dorsey’s marketing focus.


Crocs SVP, CMO Heidi Cooley: 2023 Top Marketers

Crocs, the shoe brand once regarded as an ugly duckling, is having the last laugh.

In 2022, the 20-year-old brand saw revenues climb 53.7% year-over-year, reaching a record $3.6 billion, according to its year-end earnings reported in February. Crocs have gone from a boat shoe brand, whose top search results 10 years back were of memes making fun of the clogs, to a brand organically celebrated by a growing community that includes Post Malone and Bad Bunny. Key to the brand’s success is its marke

The luxury bridal category is on the rise, amid demand for more personalization

To break through the wedding noise, couples are going the extra mile to specialize their wedding looks, rings and experiences. As a result, modern bridal companies are updating their offerings to meet consumers’ rising expectations.

Bridalwear is expected to reach $69.9 billion in annual sales by 2026, according to the Global Bridal Wear Industry Report. The U.S. is the largest market, accounting for 44% of the market with nearly $26 billion in 2021 sales. Amid the wedding boom, brides are thin

Chico's CEO Molly Langenstein on 'drawing outside the lines' to build brand community

During this week’s Glossy’s three-day Fashion & Luxury Summit in Naples, Florida, industry leaders and insiders compared notes on the big challenges they’re facing and the tactics they’re leveraging to overcome them. Below, we spotlight one of the standout speaker sessions with Molly Langenstein, CEO and president of Chico’s FAS Inc. The company, which owns Chico’s, White House Black Market and Soma, reported $2.1 billion is net sales in 2022. The session focused on the innovative ways the compa

What Amber Valletta’s role as FIT’s sustainability ambassador means for fashion

Amber Valletta has championed sustainability since founding Master & Muse, a responsible fashion production company in partnership with Yoox.com back in 2013. Though the brand closed in 2016, the supermodel and actress has been outspoken on the topic at fashion conferences like The Copenhagen Fashion Summit and the H&M Foundation Global Change Award, sat on boards of non-profit organizations such as Nest, and developed films on climate change through her company A Squared Films LLC.

What does the landmark Garment Worker Protection Act mean for the fashion industry?

Governor Gavin Newsom signed the Garment Protection Act (SB62) into California law this Monday. As a worker-led piece of legislation, it will allow more than 45,000 workers to receive a minimum wage of $14 dollars an hour, which is the current minimum wage in the state. One of the key points of the legislation is that fashion brands will now be responsible for wage theft violations at Californian factories, a point of difference to most laws governing brands and supply chains.

Gucci Vault, mirrored shows across continents and bohemian catharsis

The Milan shows have not been physical in over 18 months, since the pandemic hit Italy and brought the fashion world from the shows into self-isolation. The idea of rebirth in various forms had been discussed since the format of the shows went digital: Should the fashion week schedule change? How should designers work around the perpetual demand for novelty? For the Italian houses including Gucci, Versace and Marni, the answers came in different forms.

LFW Recap: The joy of sport, the IPF report and new strides in circular fashion –

As the sun set on the digital-physical hybrid London Fashion Week 2022, the British Fashion Council’s Institute of Positive Fashion issued a new report aimed at moving the British fashion industry toward a circular model. While circularity did come up in the LFW collections from younger designers like Harris Reed and Osman Yousefzada, it certainly did not make enough of a splash.

Aura Blockchain: the privatization of a blockchain is the way forward

Luxury fashion and the Italian textile industry are both relying on blockchain to move them into a new age – who will come out on top?

Blockchain as a technology has permeated the fashion industry, among others, showing how technology can be used to help fashion develop across singular platforms. As a way of building trust between brands and consumers, it allows for tracking the supply chain or it provides an opportunity to offer offers and discounts to the customers, among other uses.

Milkywire – How Gen Z are moving charitable giving online

Gen Z are becoming the driving force for change in climate action. Forms like apps are showing an easier way to connect with grassroots climate organizations

Changes have affected most sectors with the online boom during the pandemic. Some, like fashion, have resorted to trying out new business models that revolve around digital garments and special collections inviting thinking about the future of a world that is more aware of its impact on the planet.

Inside the Fashion Pact: In search of social sustainability targets

While the fashion industry’s biggest companies are focusing on biodiversity, oceans and climate, a crucial step in fully addressing sustainability is including socio-political metrics.

The Fashion Pact has been lauded as the largest consortium on sustainability and climate change-makers in the industry. It was presented at the G7 Summit by Kering Chairman and CEO, François-Henri Pinault and French President, Emmanuel Macron in 2019 and its signatories now account for 33% of the whole industry.

Waste, raw materials and data: the role of consulting in sustainability

«A business needs to be profitable: thinking for the longer term appears today as the strongest approach to the market» – Pei Yun Teng, Global Director of Social Impact at Kearney

Patagonia was one of the three companies in the fashion industry that had achieved an acceptable score in the Circular Fashion Index compiled by Kearney by extending the life cycle of their garments, a key metric for reducing the number of clothes sent to landfill.
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