Is zero waste just a new marketing move or a properly transparent practice?

In conversation with Holly McQuillan, who discusses the misconception in the zero waste term and suggests new machinery and business models as alternatives in promoting the system From sustainability bloggers in 2016 fitting in a year’s worth of waste into a jar to the continuous greenwashing of the fashion industry, zero waste can become another term that gets lost in the sea of sustainability efforts in fashion.

Pause or Pay: Should students be able to pause their studies or get their money back?

“It was very weird. Two days before closing they were saying that nothing is going to happen, just be calm, the show will still happen, you will still have the studios and facilities,” a student explains while they and their classmates at UAL have gone through turmoil during the pandemic – classes were called off and moved online, while students had only days to gather years of work into bags and suitcases before the order to “stay home, stay safe” was put in place.

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