What Amber Valletta’s role as FIT’s sustainability ambassador means for fashion

Amber Valletta has championed sustainability since founding Master & Muse, a responsible fashion production company in partnership with Yoox.com back in 2013. Though the brand closed in 2016, the supermodel and actress has been outspoken on the topic at fashion conferences like The Copenhagen Fashion Summit and the H&M Foundation Global Change Award, sat on boards of non-profit organizations such as Nest, and developed films on climate change through her company A Squared Films LLC.

What does the landmark Garment Worker Protection Act mean for the fashion industry?

Governor Gavin Newsom signed the Garment Protection Act (SB62) into California law this Monday. As a worker-led piece of legislation, it will allow more than 45,000 workers to receive a minimum wage of $14 dollars an hour, which is the current minimum wage in the state. One of the key points of the legislation is that fashion brands will now be responsible for wage theft violations at Californian factories, a point of difference to most laws governing brands and supply chains.

Gucci Vault, mirrored shows across continents and bohemian catharsis

The Milan shows have not been physical in over 18 months, since the pandemic hit Italy and brought the fashion world from the shows into self-isolation. The idea of rebirth in various forms had been discussed since the format of the shows went digital: Should the fashion week schedule change? How should designers work around the perpetual demand for novelty? For the Italian houses including Gucci, Versace and Marni, the answers came in different forms.

LFW Recap: The joy of sport, the IPF report and new strides in circular fashion –

As the sun set on the digital-physical hybrid London Fashion Week 2022, the British Fashion Council’s Institute of Positive Fashion issued a new report aimed at moving the British fashion industry toward a circular model. While circularity did come up in the LFW collections from younger designers like Harris Reed and Osman Yousefzada, it certainly did not make enough of a splash.

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